What we do

Being part of one of the UK’s largest Training and Apprenticeship providers sets us apart from many other agencies and gives us the ability to provide a better service for our employers and applicants.

For Employers

From working with you to create an eye-catching job spec, screening and interviewing prospective candidates right through to getting your new employee settled into their new role, we offer a winning recruitment service. Additionally, being part of an experienced Apprenticeship Training Team gives employers the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise when considering the training anddevelopment of their existing workforce. The benefits of this include:

  • Being able to offer professional training and development as part of your package.
  • Attracting a better calibre of person to your business.
  • Helping with staff happiness and retention.
  • A qualified workforce.
  • ... and more

For Candidates

At Hire from NLTG we want to find you an amazing career, not just a job. You’ll work for companies that invest in their employees, who want long term staff to help them grow their businesses, and with that you grow too. Why settle for a job when you can have a career?

  • Working with leading employers around Lancashire and Yorkshire.
  • Bringing you interesting careers not just jobs.
  • Support for learners who undertake professional training, to make sure you’re happy in your job.
  • Helping you get the qualifications needed to progress.
  • ... and more