4 Reasons Not To Work With Multiple Recruiters

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Recruitment Tips & Advice

I cannot stress this enough, working with multiple recruitment agencies is harming your hiring process.

An honest point of view from a recruiter, I have done this, many have before me, many will after me, so believe me when I say it’s not doing you any favours:

1 – It becomes about speed

When you’ve got 5+ agencies all recruiting for the same role, you’ve basically accepted that you’re happy with getting the quickest CV you can rather than the best. The recruiter knows that it’s about speed, to beat their competitor, they have to send you a CV as soon as humanly possible. A quick phone call, do they have a basic understanding of the job? “Good, send. 20% please”. Surprisingly, I’ve heard of some who won’t even speak to them before sending their CV.

2 – Your job is at the bottom of the pile

Let’s use an example. I’ve got 10 jobs to fill, 3 are exclusive, they are getting the most attention without a doubt. 5 are competing against a couple of agencies, so they get a great deal of attention, we know the other agencies, we want to beat them and show we’re better to get more business. 2 are multiple agency jobs. I’ve spent a few hours week on it, I’ve posted a job ad, anything decent comes in, I’ll send it across.

3 – Candidates get put off

When a candidates been called 5+ times in a week, hearing about the same role, maybe even hearing different things from each recruiter, they lose interest. The job becomes devalued, they don’t feel like they’ve been contacted because they are brilliant at their job, more because they are there and slightly qualified. Why do I know this, because once upon a time, it happened to me.

4 – You’ll get bombarded

You’re busy, that’s clear by the fact you’ve reached out to recruiters, so why would you want to spend your time answering call after call or clearing 20 emails a day from your inbox from agencies who are just looking for a quick fee. They’re not interested in your business, they have no idea of what you really want, it’s a waste of your time.

How I’d do it…

Rather than spend a week agreeing on fees with multiple agencies, and fighting off a bidding war. Spend a week researching several decent agencies, find 3 you genuinely think can help you. Invite them in for a proper briefing, they are always available trust me, we can make it in for a meeting before you’ve finished the phone call in most cases, agree on reasonable fees, you don’t have to pay loads, but you can’t undervalue what they are worth, and let them go away and do a good job, and I guarantee you will get better results.

I hope that kind of gives you a bit of an idea of why spending a little time working with a few good agencies, will be more beneficial than spending all your time dealing with loads.

Written by Sean Kierans, Recruiter for Hire